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Brenna's Back by daisyplayer1 Brenna's Back by daisyplayer1
Does anyone (those of you who have known and/or watched me for at least about three years or have looked at my entire gallery on here) remember Brenna, my original character who starred in my science fiction story I wrote back in my 12th grade English class in high school? (I actually submitted a picture of her before which was one of my illustrations for my science fiction story. ( ) ) If so, now she's back with a new story (and a few small changes as opposed to what she looked like in the other picture).
Here is her bio of who she is now (her actual bio now for those of you who find Brenna new to you):
Occupation: High school student (does not have a job yet)
Qualities: Passionate dancer, determined
Hobbies: Dancing, playing Dance Dance Revolution, watching talent contest shows such as 'America's Got Talent'
Friends: Marissa
Enemies: Lance, Blanche, the rest of Lance's popular dance group
Likes: techno and electronic music, unique dance moves
Dislikes: repetitive dance routines (she finds it boring)
Brenna is now a high school student (I haven't decided which grade yet; I'll probably have her be either a freshman or a sophomore) who has decided to take dance classes since dancing is the main thing she enjoys. From her experience in her dance class so far, it turns out she enjoys dancing in freestyle and unique ways (she was also inspired by dancers she's seen who have shown their unique skills and dance moves). Some of the dance routines she's had to do have turned out for her to be at least a little too repetitive causing her to feel desperate to try something new. She prefers to dance solo over dancing in a group. She would dance to most genres of music, but she likes techno and electronic the best. Since she's found out that she enjoys doing unique and freestyle dance moves, she dreams of having a career that's based on doing her own performances. Brenna's best friend Marissa (who has been her friend since elementary school and also enjoys Dance Dance Revolution and watching talent show contests with her) is supportive of Brenna doing what she likes to do and working towards her goal. Sometimes, Marissa participates in some of Brenna's dance performances. Brenna's rivals, Lance and Blanche, however, prefer a certain type of dance that's considered 'popular' and they would call Brenna an 'outcast' if she doesn't think of their preferred type of dance the same way or doesn't do it right. But despite the rivals' judgements upon Brenna, she doesn't really let that get to her and will continue to reach for her goals.
Hope you enjoy! :D
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I'm also drawing another original character of mine right now and I thought up of a few more. :D
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